3D Printed Parts


A unique feature of Linkspan Models kits is the use of modern methods of production in the kit manufacturing process. 


This is most evident in our provision of 3D printed plastic parts for most of the fittings to be found on the ships. 




Preparation of these fittings is limited to washing gently in tepid (not hot) soapy water, rinsing in cold and leaving aside to air dry – this removes the residue left over from the 3D printing process. 


3D Printed Parts


Once dry, the white plastic fittings will benefit from having a light coat of satin varnish spraying on them before painting in a colour.  This is because the material they are printed in is slightly porous and any paint applied without the part being ‘sealed’ first will bleed through. 


The semi-clear 3D fittings are printed in a resin based material and do not require ‘sealing’ in the same way.


Due to the nature of the material the 3D fittings are printed in, it is recommended that they are affixed to the model with a light application of 2-part epoxy resin adhesive.