Many builders will already have a set of tools that they own, and personal preferences for what works best for them. As a guide our kits will typically require the following tools at a minimum:

A selection of modelling knives - both Stanley type and scalpels are useful. Keep them sharp!


A hacksaw


Electric or hand drills - small hobby types with a range of attachments are particularly handy


A dedicated cutting mat (or sheet of scrap hardboard, replaced when necessary)


A steel rule for making straight cuts and accurate measuring

Pliers and side cutters


Sanding block

Sandpaper - fine Wet or Dry and a range of coarser grades are handy

Masking tape



Pencils - both graphite and chinagraph

Paint brushes & cleaners


A variety of clamps and elastic bands - "pound" shops often have good offers on small plastic spring clamps. Be warned - the more clamps the better!

Files & Tweezers- both normal and small needle/square files