LM002 - Norland / Norstar


Linkspan Models latest offering is this model of the Norland / Norstar.


Norland was built in 1974 by AG Weser, Bremerhaven, for Dutch North Sea Ferries. She operated on the Hull to Rotterdam and Hull to Zeebrugge routes.


During the Falklands War she was requisitioned by the MoD to be used as a troopship. Norland entered San Carlos Water taking part in the amphibious landings, and at the end of the war she was also employed to repatriate Argentine troops. Later stretched to 173m, she was transferred to P&O North Sea Ferris in 1996, and subsequently operated as the SNAV Sicilia between Naples and Palermo.


She was broken up at Alang, India in 2010.


Length: 152.77m    Beam: 25.2m    Draught: 6.02m


Linkspan Models build to 1/96th scale. When completed, the Norland / Norstar kit measures:



Length: 62.7" Beam: 10.3" Draught: 2.5" Displacement: 32.1 lbs



Length:159cm Beam: 26cm Draught: 6.3cm Displacement: 14.6 kg


This kit includes a glassfibre hull, laser-cut styrene superstructure parts, along with comprehensive etched nickel silver detail frets, resin cast and 3D printed fittings, vac formed lifeboats and funnel. Prop shafts and brass propellors, wood strip and brass wire are also included.


To accompany these are 8 A1-sized drawings showing detailed plan and elevation views of each deck.

The kit also comes with a comprehensive set of building instructions, 3D assembly drawings, a CD of photographs of the prototype build and detailing information enabling the completion of the model in her North Sea Ferries livery.


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